Are You Settling for Less in Your Relationship?

Have you ever stayed in a relationship with someone who couldn’t meet you in your needs and desires, but yet you still found it hard to walk away? Sometimes people suffer from what I call “one-itis” – when we think there is only one other person in the entire world who can feel us, fulfill us and give us what we want. But the truth is that the more integrated, open and present YOU become in yourself, the more amazing a connection you will experience with more than just one other person. “One-itis” is what happens when we project all of... More
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The Myth of Negative Emotions

Have you ever heard anyone say that certain emotions like anger, sadness or jealousy are “bad” and can even do you harm to feel them? Our emotions are often misunderstood, and in the video below I want to clarify how emotions work and why we’ve sometimes concluded that they can be negative. This understanding is a critical part of Heart IQ and will help you become more emotionally intelligent in your life. The truth is is that all emotion is healthy, but NOT when you push it down and repress feeling what’s moving for you. Thus NO emotions are actually bad... More

Why Discipline Isn’t Necessary to be Successful

Did you know that there is a big difference between motivation and inspiration? Motivation often comes through a conditioned external force that pushes us to achieve our goals, whereas inspiration requires surrendering into a deeper heart-centered place that naturally pulls us in and guides to take action. There’s certainly an art to tapping into that kind of inspired action, where you wake up everyday excited to move forward in your life. Today’s video talks more about why discipline isn’t necessary when you operate from inspiration and the heart. In the comments below, share: 1) Where are you being pulled into work,... More